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Like many others in the industry, I didn't necessarily set out with the intention to become a golf coach. I wanted to play competitively and see how far I could take my own game. As much as I tried to retain hope, I just wasn't quite cut out to make a living on the tours!

Instead I became fascinated by all the different styles and swing patterns you see amongst good golfers. I was drawn to the challenge of figuring out what works for different people and found myself developing a real passion for coaching. I worked hard to earn my honours degree (Applied Golf Management Studies) at the University of Birmingham. At the same time, I completed training and achieved fully qualified status with the PGA in 2012.


Over the years, I have helped thousands of golfers and accrued a wealth of SIMPLE yet EFFECTIVE drills & exercises designed to make the most impactful improvements to your game. No matter if you are looking to lower your scores, fix that slice or sort your short game... I have you covered!


My mantra is:

"Don't change what doesn't need to be changed!"


I keep things fun and engaging whilst making sure to supplement all lessons with personalised notes & video recaps via the CoachNow app. This provides that peace of mind that you leave the academy knowing exactly what we went through in the session along with what you need to go away and practice.


Let's see how good you can be!



Best Round 66 (-6) at Golf de Andratx, Mallorca




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