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​1. Practice with a purpose

Ever felt great after a big range session only to spend the whole of your next round

searching for your ball in the woods? It is likely to do with how you are spending that practice time...

- Hitting 50 balls back to back with a 7 iron to the same target will get you better at doing just that!

- We all know this doesn't happen on the course so why do we practice like this?

- Try to make at least some portion of your practice time resemble the course by changing club and target for each shot to match a real-world scenario


2. Hit 20 warm-up balls before you play

Straight out of the car, check in at the proshop, run to the first tee, quick practice swing and away we go!

Sound familiar...?

As Benjamin Franklin once said: “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail!”

Take heed of this great advice by making sure you arrive a little earlier before your next round to dust off those cobwebs and get into the swing of things!

It could be as simple as hitting one shot with each club before finishing off with 6 repetitions of the shot you are intending to play from the first tee! 20 balls... that's all!


3. Know your limits...


The statistics are showing us that the average golfer is leaving 40% of approach shots short of target... is that you?


- Get rid of the macho mindset, stop ego hitting and learn how far you really hit your golf clubs!

- This can be done in 1 hour with the use of our Trackman launch monitor

- Leave with a full report of your speeds and distances so you can make a plan and stick to it!

4. The 75% Rule...
Ever found yourself thinking why on Earth did I just take that shot on!? Now I am further back in the trees facing an even more difficult shot!
Take a leaf out of the evergreen Bernhard Langer's book for success.
- If you are contemplating whether or not to take on a recovery shot... first ask yourself, if I had 4 attempts at this shot, would I back myself to pull it off at least 3 times out of 4?
- If the answer is yes then go ahead, go for it!
- If not, take your medicine, chip your ball back into play and live to fight another day...


5. Stop playing chinese whispers...


"Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit, wisdom is not putting it into a fruit salad..."


- The majority of our clients complain to us of having too much information coming in from YouTube tips and well-meaning playing partners

- The internet is full of weird and wonderful things but what may work for one may not work for another!

- Trust the experts and let us give you the advice you really need to get back on track!​

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